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Do Not Upgrade Your IOS Operating System before reading this important update. September 19, 2017 – Apple has released their latest version of their Apple IOS Operating System which is not compatible with older versions of Percepta’s remote access soft-tokens. Before performing an upgrade to your Apple Phones IOS Operating System, please click here to…

USB errors

In order to be able to plugin your headset and other devices, The minimum required value is: Total USB Ports: minimum of 2 free ports In case you need to review your USB ports please open the Device Manager: Type Device Manager in the start menu. Click on it. Once you have the Device Manager […]

CPU Errors

The CPU need to be strong enough to support the required tasks for your work, please review the he minimum requirements. CPU speed can be found at System Information: Possible problems with the CPU: CPU Hardware problem Electrical Power Surge Problems. Overheating Problems. Motherboard related problems. CPU software problem If your computer begins crashing. Booting […]

Resolve Bandwidth Issues

Bandwidth and WorkBooth® Having an adequate Bandwidth is not only important when connecting to WorkBooth but to any other online activity that requires high speed internet and a reliable connection such as video conference, VoIP, online gaming, etc. Having a poor Bandwidth or slow connection to the internet means such programs will not work as […]