CPU Errors

The CPU need to be strong enough to support the required tasks for your work, please review the he minimum requirements.

CPU speed can be found at System Information:

Possible problems with the CPU:
  1. CPU Hardware problem
    • Electrical Power Surge Problems.
    • Overheating Problems.
    • Motherboard related problems.
  2. CPU software problem
    • If your computer begins crashing.
    • Booting up problem ” The Power On Self-Test (POST) ” on your screen as soon as you turn on the computer.
    • Sluggish loading.
    • If you suddenly have a problem after installing new software.
    • Perform a virus scan.
    • Damaged or missing DLL files.
    • Blue Screen with an error suddenly appears on your screen.

In case you find your processor is not good enough we recommend to review our section When to replace your computer.

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