Create a Recovery Drive (Windows 8.1)

Recovery Drives ensure a method of recovering Windows 8.x in the event of hard drive failure or accidental deletion. the following steps outline how to create a System Repair Disc;

  1. From the Start Screen (the main screen), click on Start.
  2. In upper right of the Start desktop containing your panels, select the magnifying glass.
  3. In the search text box, type “create a recovery drive”, then select “Create a recovery drive” in the result pane.
  4. If user account control is on, click “Yes” to allow “Recovery Media Creator” to run.
  5. Click “Next” on the first dialog.
  6. Select which drive you would like to use as a recovery drive from the “Available drive(s)” list, then click “Next”.
  7. The next dialog warns that the selected drive will be deleted. THIS DRIVE WILL BE ERASED AND FORMATTED, SO BE SURE THE DEVICE YOU CHOOSE DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE ON IT! Once you are sure, click “Create”.
  8. After Windows has completed creating the recovery drive, you can click “Finish”.

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